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Cut Time & Increase Efficiency With WoodMaster™

The WoodMaster™ is a must have for anyone seriously interested in woodworking. Save time, improve efficiency, and improve cut quality all with a single tool. Its all-in-one design takes you through the entire process: measure, mark, and cut a variety of materials, like gypsum board, foam board, KT board, and cardboard with ease and precision.


Woodmaster™ brilliantly takes on the tasks of 3 tools and combines them into one compact and portable device. Measure out dimensions with extreme precision with its highly durable built-in 5m tape measure, now made with our secure Preci™ safety locking system. Draw perfect lines and circles with its onboarded carpenter's pencil (which can be replaced with any pencil of choice). It's made with a durable ABS build and rubberized handle to ensure control and maximized balance. Woodworking has never been easier than with WoodMaster™. 


✔️  PRECISE MEASUREMENTS EVERY TIME: WoodMaster™ features a highly durable tape-measure that securely locks, providing the ideal conditions for truly accurate lines and circles. 

✔️  SAFE & PORTABLE:The WoodMaster™ is built with only high quality materials to ensure maximum safety and longevity. Each tool is hand checked before shipment to provide you with the best experience ever. 

✔️  RAZOR SHARP BLADE: Each WoodMaster™ comes with a razor sharp blade to ensure you glide through wood with extreme ease. The tool features a compartment where extra blades can be stored for maximum efficiency. Extra blades are available. 

✔️  One-press locking tape measure

✔️  Razor sharp blades with a convenient storage compartment

✔️  Made of high quality ABS and rubber

✔️  Portable with a total device length of 230 mm

How do I use this?



Is this durable?

Yes, each part is made from high quality materials like ABS and rubber to ensure durability and user comfort

Is it easy to use?

Yes, you can get started within a grand total of 60 seconds in four easy steps

What are the dimensions?

With portability and versatility on the top of our minds, we've created this in a small yet powerful body with a length of 230 mm.

Is the device safe?

Absolutely. Each unit is hand-tested before shipping. If a device does not work on arrival, it will be replaced free of charge. Just email us at

What if I lose an attachment? 

You can email us at and we'll send over additional parts

Do you accept cash on delivery?

No. You can only pay through our website

What are the payment options?

We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and Apple Pay


✔️  Tracking number for every order

✔️  Safe payments via Stripe®

✔️  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

✔️  No hidden fees!


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