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This kids art easel is great way for children to display their art, whether they’re drawing or painting pictures. This standing easel is easy to fold up and store away and takes up very little space on the floor at home or in the classroom. This wooden easel has a magnetic whiteboard or dry erase board, a blackboard or chalkboard and can even hold a paper roll for painting. Your child can learn from educational and interactive play toys like this. It is a unique and unusual gift idea for a 3 or 4 year old boy or girl for any occasion, like Christmas or their birthday.

Customer Reviews

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Jack Porter
Foldable easel which can be used for multiple purposes

This easel is excellent in every way. It is suitable for both 6-year-olds and 3-year-olds. Easy to construct deep trays for paint, brushes, markers, chalk, crayons, and other materials. It folds up quickly (though the kids will want to use it all the time, so it won't be stored very often). If you follow the internet instructions for priming a chalk board, it will be perfect. Between the two boardschalk board and white boarda roll of paper is stored on a dowel. This easel can be used for any type of artwork, like chalk, dry erase, paint, and crayons. The paper is fastened by clips.

Sidney H.
Strong, Good Quality!

My daughter will loooooooove this as a Christmas present! She was overjoyed when she woke up to find this in the living room, and she has put it to good use. My daughter is obsessed with drawing, painting, and acting like a teacher on the chalkboard.

Nicki M.
Sturdy, long-lasting, and just charming

I'm not sure why some of the other reviews said they had trouble putting it together, but I had no difficulty putting it together by myself. It sat in my living room for two days before I gave itto my grandson as a Christmas present. My cats climbed all over it and slept on it, so I know it's solid.... it arrived with long and short screws, which I think should have been all long screws, but it all came together perfectly, and my Grandson loves it.

Perfect for a bunch of kids.

This was a Christmas present for my three-year-old son. It's a hit with both her and my one-year-old. On one side, it's a chalkboard, and on the other, it's a white board. You can also spool craft paper through the holes and fasten it to the white board side to use as a painting surface. This allows both kids to play at the same time without becoming frustrated.

Jennifer DiGalio
Love, love, love

Christmas present for a 2.5-year-old. It was her all-time favorite present. It was simple to put together. The only difficulty I have is that the paper goes over the whiteboard as she paints, so I put cardboard behind it so that she doesn't harm the white board by painting outside the paper.