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Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket

Exactly what I needed! Great to use at the beach instead of just towels! We use it alone just to avoid the sand when we just one sit at the beach for a while, or with our tent and chairs as week also to avoid the sand and extra heat. Works perfectly and I love that it fits in a really small case, great to carry it around!"


- Marianna ✅  Verified Customer

Discover the ultimate solution to muddy & wet beach towels

A weekend getaway on the beach with our family is a truly magical experience. But like everything amazing, there's that one annoying thing ruining our experience: damp and muddy beach towels.

The Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket's patented dual layer polyurethane swiftly sifts through sand and repels water, creating a sand-free zone. Never worry about damp and dirty beach towels ruining your vacation again, and lie in luxury instead. 

Why the Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket Will Change Your Life


The Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket is engineered with our very own dual-layered polyurethane that filters through sand on contact

What's more, its waterproof material prevents that sticky, cold feeling we get when lying down on our regular beach towels.


Say goodbye to rough and scratchy beach blankets and hello to the perfect combination of utility and luxury.

After months of testing and refining, we've invented the ultimate blend of materials that prevents sand sticking to your beach blanket while providing unparalleled comfort.


The Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket is 100% machine washable and quick drying, so when you’re home from your week-long vacation, toss a single blanket in the washing machine. It’s that simple.


Made of lightweight, breathable 100% parachute-grade nylon, the Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket is engineered to be as soft as butter, so it never feels scratchy on even the most sun-kissed skin.


Measuring in at a whopping 140 x 200 cm / 55 x 78 inches, the Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket was designed large enough to fit an entire family of seven, limiting the number of blankets you need. 

What’s more, it folds into the size of a book and weighs no more than a feather, so it comfortably fits into even the most packed suitcase.  


Our kids are sculpting sandcastles, husbands jumping into crashing waves, and we're peacefully bathing under the sun. All's going well until our kids trot back mud and our partners cover our beach towels with sand. 

Never again. With the Ultimate Sand-Proof Beach Blanket, enjoy a sand-free zone instead. It's so effective that our kids and loved ones don't even need to wipe their feet before getting on the blanket.

So what are you waiting for?

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