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TapTonic™ Vibe

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"Got this to install these on each side of my TV stand. This device gives a great aesthetic to the room setup decor especially if you are into music. Changes the boring setup to an interesting and good looking stand."


-Scott S. Verified Review

Add Some Extra Flair to Your Space

Looking for a way to beautify your room? Want something that could add groovy vibes to any place? Something that can fill a space with light, life, and rhythmic patterns.

What if we tell you that rhythmic patterns coupled with sound can make you enjoy your life to the fullest?

Transcend Into a Whole New Dimension!

Imagine adding extra light effects to your movies or gaming, enhancing the immersive experience. Lighten up your mood with majestic and groovy lights. Something that could be activated just with your voice and transforms your space into a new realm.

App-enabled TapTonic™ Vibe lets you do that by bringing thousands of attractive colors to your room. Made from high-quality materials and LEDs, this light bar fills your space with light and helps bring your movies and games to life.

Change Colors with The Beat of Music and Voice Commands

This nifty device changes color and displays different modes in response to sound, making it the perfect way to add a touch of personality wherever you choose to use it.

✅ Easy To Operate - With an AGC automatic gain control, this nifty device is perfect for use in noisy environments. Just plug it in and turn it on!

✅ Light Up Your Life - The Rhythm Recognition Light is the perfect way to add extra personality and flair to your car or bedroom. With different colors and modes that respond to sound, it's a great way to make any space your own

✅ Visualizing Music - The Light Bar is a fun, easy way to add some vibes to your car or bedroom. Plug it in and turn it on. Then tap the microphone button and speak into the device. You'll see colorful lights that change patterns based on what you say!


Is this model rechargeable?


Does this work while charging?


Can this pick up my voice as well as music?


What's included?

1 x RGB Light

1 x Stand

4 x Transparent Mounting Tape

1 x Micro-USB Power Cord

1 x Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Vladimir S.
Very Cool. great to for TVs

I installed one in the back of the TV and connected it to USB port. very cool looking and doesn't distract to much.

Scott S.
Rechargeable RGB rhythm lights that gives a great aesthetic to the TV setup..Looks elegant!

Got this to install these on each side of my TV stand. This device gives a great aesthetic to the room setup decor especially if you are into music. Changes the boring setup to an interesting and good looking stand. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

I surprised my son with these to put near his Gaming station.

My son has a gaming rig that he and I built together and he's been really into getting all the neat things that light up. I saw these and thought I would see how they look. For the price range I am impressed. There are aspects of his rig and mine that were way expensive because of the LED lights. So I didn't expect this to go in sync with the rest of his equipment but i thought it would just be a nice accent.

isaac caver
Love them

Good price love to look at them. Gonna buy a new set for other TV wish it had an app

CM Reviews
Bright - Portable and Great Look!

The pair of lights are very pretty they are very slick and small I would like the battery to last a bit longer but it makes sense considering the size of the lights. I would keep them connected so your not fiddling too much and leave them as is. They are super bright and have 3 different settings which all look good and you can save some battery with the lower brightness setting. The different modes are pretty cool and resemble the old school high tech cars from the movies from back in the day, Overall I Liked them.