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Saint Pierre Cutting Board

The Cutting Board. Reimagined.

Made from durable and resilient bamboo, Saint Pierre has been designed for everyone, from professional chefs to meal preppers. Featuring five perfectly sized built-in containers, forget about running around your kitchen  

Saint Pierre does more than a cutting board. It's designed with your efficiency in mind. 

No matter your ability as a chef, w

featuring ergonomically placed containers  

Made from durable and resilient bamboo, Saint Pierre is more than a cutting board: it's a workstation. Its unique design has been crafted with true efficiency and versatility in mind. Whether you're meal prepping or the next Gordon Ramsay, Saint Pierre is for you. 

Speed and efficiency is its core ///// Cutting edge design

Saint Pierre takes workflow efficiency to a new level. Its frame is expertly placed for ergonomic comfort. Its upper frame is angled at 66° so that you can mount and view your recipe book or tablet without neck strain. Its lower frame lies in front of the cutting board, allowing you to swiftly discard waste an store chopped up ingredients.

A big, beautiful workstation. For doing big, beautiful work

Saint Pierre isn't too big or too small. At 18 inches by 12 inches, it's perfectly sized to chop up multiple ingredients at the same time and store conveniently. 

Customize Saint Pierre to your needs. Its wiring collapsable etc 

left handed or right handed