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Perfect Travel Companion

"...It easily fit 2 suits and 3 tops (all on hangers), 3 pairs of shoes, jeans, a cardigan, a shirt, and a stuffed bag of toiletries with more room to spare. More than enough space for a few days worth of clothes... The handles feel secure and the shoulder strap feels sturdy. Zippers work well and there are a ton of pockets throughout. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to use a bag before!"



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Discover the ultimate travel companion for smooth and effective travel

When you're traveling, your suitcase is arguably the most important piece of equipment you need to traverse the world. But traditional suitcases have inherent flaws, like crumpling up your spiffy suit or allowing your foundation to spill everywhere

Never again. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the Perfect Travel Companion keeps your clothes wrinkle-free, cosmetics spill-proof and your souvenirs safe. The Perfect Travel Companion enables you to effortlessly transport your most valuable suits and dresses easily in its built-in garment bag while providing unique and separated compartments for teeshirts, shoes, and unmentionables. 






Featuring an array of specific pockets, efficiently and professionally pack garments, passports, neckties, and even shoes. Never face digging through an entire suitcase to find that other shoe or pull out a crumpled thousand dollar cashmere sweater again.


The Perfect Travel Companion features its own built-in garment bag to hold your array of beautiful suits, preventing crumpleand dust accumulating


Landing in a rainy country? No problem. With the Perfect Travel Companion, never fret about damaging your belongings. The Perfect Travel Companion repels water, protecting your belongings from any kind of water damage. 


The Perfect Travel Companion’s design is minimalistic. Look classy whether you’re in a suit looking to strike a deal as you land or just chilling in your favorite athleisure set. 


With the Perfect Travel Companion, you’re making a lifetime investment. The material has been carefully selected for seasoned travelers. Resisting wear and tear through even the most abusive airport bag handlers out there. 



When we go for business dinners or explore the best restaurants, we like to dress up in fancy suits or dresses and wear our best makeup. Unfortunately, our belongings don't always do so well on long journeys in our suitcase: crumples everywhere and cosmetics spilled all over. As we all know, ruined clothing can destroy our credibility: no one likes looking shabby during our million-dollar deals or during our fancy dinners in expensive restaurants.

Luckily, with the Perfect Travel Companion, all your fancy wear, shoes, and makeup is expertly separated in their own unique and garment specific compartments, keeping your clothes looking fresh and neat. Never arrive to a business meeting or a fancy restaurant in wrinkled clothes again, and preserve your credibility amongst your peers with the Perfect Travel Companion. 

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