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MyBestFriend's Pet Fountain

"It works! My pet refused to drink still water and was getting sick. Now she's always drinking water and is always hydrated!"
- Jenna M ✅ Verified Buyer 

1 in 3 pets suffer from kidney disease caused by dehydration. We have a solution.

Have you ever noticed your pet drinking from a dripping faucet? Cats hate drinking still water out of their standard bowl, so they have to rely on their kibble... their dry kibble. Because of this, they're in a constant state of dehydration. 

Our pet fountain attracts your kitty with the sound of flowing water

Cats can't gauge the level of water left in their regular cat bowl. Our fountain piques their natural curiosity.

Never leave them wanting more

The average 10 lb cat needs about 9 fl oz / 0.27 L of water per day. Our fountain holds 81 fl oz / 2.4 L. Never worry about forgetting to give your fur baby their precious water again. Our pet fountain promotes urinary tract health and proper kidney function.


Your cats' health is a top priority. The pet fountain has absolutely NO toxic substances. It is carefully designed with ultra-durable BPA-free plastic with triple activated charcoal and an ion exchange filter that catches debris, removes bad tastes and odors, and ensures the water tastes fresh at all times. 

Great for sensitive cats

The pet fountain is designed with a shallow raised surface, helping prevent whisker fatigue. This normally occurs when cats drink out of bowls that are way too deep. 

Auto Shut Off

When water levels are too low, the LED light will start flashing and the pump will automatically turn off. 

No-Noise Technology

The uniquely designed water pump has custom suction technology to maximally eliminate noise

Universal Power

The pump is powered using USB technology, so the pump can be used anywhere there is access to a USB port. 

What's Included

  • 1 x 2.4 L Award Winning Pet Fountain
  • 1 x ion exchange filters
  • 1 x DC pump (~6 ft length)
  • 1 x USB connector
  • 1 x user manual

30 -Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If, in the unlikely scenario, your pet doesn't absolutely love their new pet fountain, we will do whatever it takes to make sure your pet is 100% satisfied with their product.

We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee that only begins when you receive the product. 


Q: Is it easy to clean? 

A: YES! Just take the top off and use the cleaning brush to wipe off any debris, and change out the filter.

Q: How often is it to replace the filter? 

A: We recommend changing out the filter every 2-4 weeks. 

Q: Is it battery powered? 

A: Depends. You can plug it into a power bank, although this is unreliable. We recommend plugging it in directly to an outlet. 

Q: Does it overflow? 

A: No. It is specifically designed to prevent this if used correctly. 

 "I love this drinking fountain so much! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and they all use it. It’s super silent, it has a great light... It’s perfect...especially for the price! I ended up ordering one for my cousin’s dog."
- Christine Verified Customer

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