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MyBestFriend's Hydration Station

'"It works! My pet refused to drink still water and was getting sick. Now she's always drinking water and is always hydrated!"
- Jenna M ✅ Verified Buyer 

1 in 3 pets suffers from kidney disease caused by dehydration. We have a solution.

Cats have evolved to become naturally suspicious of still water as it's prone to nasty germs, especially in the wild, which is why you see her gulp down water from a running tap or toilet. Her regular water bowl leaves her extremely dehydrated, which becomes dangerous for your kitty because it reduces blood flow to her vital organs and allows harmful waste to accumulate in her body.

With the MBF Hydration Station, provide your fur baby with a constant stream of delicious flowing water, where each drop passes through a triple action filter, removing germs, bad odors, and bad taste. Watch your best friend gulp down all the water her body desires, fulfilling the thirst her body’s been begging to quench. Never worry about her dehydration again with the MBF Hydration Station!  

8 Reasons Why MBF'S Hydration Station Will Change Her Life

✅ PREVENTS WHISKER FATIGUE: Most cat bowls are designed much too deep for regular cats. The high sides overstimulate their whiskers, stressing out and agitating your kitty. The Hydration Station features a shallow raised surface, providing a comfortable and stress-free drinking experience.

✅ 100% NON-TOXIC: Built with ultra-durable BPA Free plastic or corrosion-free stainless steel, feel confident that your best friend is never consuming water containing any harmful chemicals.

✅ ONLY FRESH & CLEAN: Each drop of water that flows through your kitty’s fountain passes through our MBF Triple Action Filters, removing hair & debris, nasty germs, bad taste, and odors, simultaneously encouraging your best friend to drink and keeping her body free of nasties.

✅ NEVER LEAVE HER WANTING MORE: The average cat requires 9 fl oz / 0.27 L of water per day. Our fountain holds a whopping 81 fl oz / 2.4 L, so you’ll never need to worry about her water supply running out again, whether you’re out all day or simply forget.

✅ AUTO SHUT OFF: When the water levels in your fountain become too low, our USB-powered pumps are designed to shut off automatically to prevent damage and elongate their lifespan to over 5 years. It’s also great for the environment.

✅ ONLY CALMING SOUNDS: Our feline friends are naturally suspicious of unfamiliar sounds, so our fountain is powered by the quietest pump available to provide a reliable and gentle source of water to your kitty all day long without disturbing the atmosphere.

✅ THREE FOUNTAIN MODES: No matter how picky your kitty may be, she has fountain modes to choose from. You can even rotate between Waterfall, Calming Streams, and Bubbling Top settings to keep her intrigued! Regardless of the settings, the Hydration Station is designed to prevent overflowing.

✅ EASY TO CLEANYou'll hardly need to clean the Hydration Station, but when you do, simply remove the top and use a gentle cleaning brush or towel to wipe off any debris. For optimal hygiene, clean the fountain and change the filter every 2 weeks.

We understand how scary it can be when our cats are dehydrated: they can suffer from all kinds of dangerous and painful urinary tract or kidney issues. Many of us don’t know how to encourage our best friends to drink more water and sometimes have to rush her to the vet. 1 in 5 cats over the age of 15 develops chronic kidney disease.

With the MBF Hydration Station, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief because we no longer need to worry about our kitty rejecting water again! The Hydration Station does more than re-hydrate your feline friend: it also gives her a much more comfortable life – one without low energy, constant panting, refusing to eat, and sunken eyes.


  • 1 x 2.4 L Award Winning Pet Fountain
  • 1 x ion exchange filters
  • 1 x DC pump (~6 ft length)
  • 1 x USB connector
  • 1 x user manual


Q: Is it battery powered? 

A: Depends. You can plug it into a power bank, although this is unreliable. We recommend plugging it in directly to an outlet. 

Q: Does it overflow? 

A: No. It is specifically designed to prevent this if used correctly. 


If, in the unlikely scenario, your pet doesn't absolutely love their new pet fountain, we will do whatever it takes to make sure your pet is 100% satisfied with their product.

We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee that only begins when you receive the product.