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MyBestFriend's Hydration Station

"Our little girl LOVES her new fountain! We used to have the veken one, which was ok, but it was loud and smaller. This one is MUCH quieter, although it gets noisy if it’s less than half full. Also, the stainless steel top is cleaner than a plastic top like our last one (which had gross gunk we had to clean). I love how we can see how much water she has through the window and the blue light is great for night time (plus it looks cool)."
- Mo ✅ Verified Buyer 

1 in 3 pets suffers from kidney disease caused by dehydration. We have a solution.

Have you ever noticed your furry friend experiencing a loss of energy, panting, or even refusing to eat? Perhaps pouncing at the sink whenever you leave the water running?

Chances are, she’s dehydrated.

33% of the time, pet owners don’t notice – and it isn’t their fault. They give them food and water at regular intervals, but just don’t realize how important the right source of water can be to their kitty. Luckily, the solution is simple.

Introducing MyBestFriend’s Hydration Station: an easy way to provide her with a constant supply of flowing, tasty, germ-free filtered water to entice her to drink to her heart's content.



The MBF Hydration Station features 3 unique fountain modes that can be adjusted to your feline friend's favorite, whether it's a bubbling top, calming streams, or even a waterfall flow! We like to change up the mode every so often to keep our kitties intrigued.


The average 10 lbs cat requires about 9 fl oz / 0.27 L of water a day. Because our fountain holds an enormous 81 fl oz / 2.4 L, never worry about topping up her water supply if you ever must leave for prolonged periods or simply forget again.


Our feline friends are naturally suspicious of unfamiliar sounds.  Unlike most pumps out there, our fountain is powered by the quietest pump available to provide a reliable and gentle source of water to your kitty all day long.


Most cat bowls are designed much too deep for a regular cat. The high-sided deep bowl overstimulates their whiskers, resulting in a stressed-out and agitated kitty. Our fountain is built with a shallow raised surface to provide her with the ultimate drinking experience.

✅ 100% NON-TOXIC

Your fur baby’s health is our number one priority, so we’ve built our fountains with only the highest quality and safest materials on the market. The plastic used is made from BPA-free ABS plastic and the metal used is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.


Unlike with most fountains, the MBF Hydration Station features auto shut off technology so that the pump turns off when the water level drops too low. The benefits are two-fold: this prevents damage to the pump and prolongs its life to over 5 years while also reducing the overall energy used, which is fantastic for the environment.


Each drop of water that your furry friend drinks have been passed through an expertly engineered 3-layered filter. The industry-leading ion exchange resin and ultrapure activated charcoal effortlessly remove chlorine, impurities & odors, and hair and debris from her water. The filters even soften hard water to prevent your fur baby from forming painful kidney stones.

*We only recommend purchasing replacement filters through our brand to ensure the highest quality and purity.

We understand how scary it can be when our cats are dehydrated: they can suffer from all kinds of dangerous and painful urinary tract or kidney issues. Many of us don’t know how to encourage our best friends to drink more water and sometimes must rush her to the vet. 1 in 5 cats over the age of 15 develops chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Instead, maximize her chances at a pain-free, long life with MBF Hydration Station, the simplest and most reliable way to keep your kitty happy, healthy and hydrated in the long term.

What's Included

  • 1 x 2.4 L Award Winning Pet Fountain
  • 1 x ion exchange filters
  • 1 x DC pump (~6 ft length)
  • 1 x USB connector
  • 1 x user manual

What Our Customers Think

30 -Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If, in the unlikely scenario, your pet doesn't absolutely love their new pet fountain, we will do whatever it takes to make sure your pet is 100% satisfied with their product.

We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee that only begins when you receive the product. 


Q: Is it easy to clean? 

A: YES! Just take the top off and use the cleaning brush to wipe off any debris, and change out the filter.

Q: How often is it to replace the filter? 

A: We recommend changing out the filter every 2-4 weeks. 

Q: Is it battery powered? 

A: Depends. You can plug it into a power bank, although this is unreliable. We recommend plugging it in directly to an outlet. 

Q: Does it overflow? 

A: No. It is specifically designed to prevent this if used correctly. 

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