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MyBestFriend's Triple Action Fountain Filters


As we all know, cats are extremely finicky about the quality of their water and have naturally low thirst drives. MBF Fountain Filters ensure your purr-fect friend consumes only the cleanest, tastiest water that they'll love to drink.  

Encased with premium cotton, our MBF Fountain Filters are built with industry-leading ion exchange resin and ultrapure activated carbon to remove:

✔️ Chlorine

✔️ Impurities & odors

✔️ Hair & debris

Our filters also soften even the hardest tap water to reduce the possibility of urinary tract and kidney issues, a common issue for cats. 

We recommend only using filters purchased through our company's website to ensure premium quality and compatibility with our products. 

For optimal hygiene & performance, replace filters every 2 weeks. 

Thoroughly wet filter before installation.

This product is not designed to cure any disease or illness. 

Customer Reviews

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Priscilla Sanborn
My triple action fountain filters

I was very pleased when Jerath wrote and informed me that the filters were available and I ordered them as soon as he inform me..he did a great job. Also I'm VERY pleased with water fountains. Again thank you