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Claw Hammer

Head Shape

Eliminate Thumb Squashes With The Claw Hammer!

Introducing our Claw Hammer: a unique mix of innovation, safety, and durability. Its unique design prevents you from accidentally whacking your fingers with its unique magnetic nail starter. Never worry about putting your thumb in harms way every time you need to hit a nail into a wall. 

The Claw Hammer allows you to quickly attach a nail to your hammer using its built-in magnetic technology: MagNail. Whether its DIY or professional carpentry, get all your projects done at record speeds: safely and effectively. The Claw Hammer quickly extracts old nails with its Double V-Slots, allows you to attach a fresh new nail directly onto the hammer, and finish your projects before you know it. 

MagNail allows you to quickly attach a nail to your hammer, eliminating the possibility of another thumb squash. Get all your hammer done with a single hand!

✔️  FORWARD WEIGHT DESIGN: The Claw Hammer has been ingeniously engineered to provide greater efficiency with each swing, capitalizing on the laws of physics to prevent user fatigue and increase power.

✔️  ERGONOMIC GRIP:Its curved non-slip grip has been designed to minimize unwanted vibrations and maximizes striking accuracy.  

✔️  HIGH CARBON STEEL BUILD: Built with high carbon steel, the Claw Hammer is a robust and durable investment that will last a lifetime in your everyday toolbox. No other hammer will compare. 


Q: How long is the hammer? 

A: It's 15.75 inches / 40 cm 

Q: Is the magnetic strong enough to support spare nails? 

A: No, the magnetic is very strong, but only enough to support a single nail at a time. 

Q: What's the head made of? 

A: The hammer is made of very high carbon steel. 

Q: How heavy is the head? 

A: 16 Oz / 453 g

Q: What's the handle made of?

A: High durability and high comfort rubber.

Q: Is the device safe?

A: Absolutely. Each unit is hand-tested before shipping. If a device does not work on arrival, it will be replaced free of charge. Just email us at

Q: Do you accept cash on delivery?

A: No. You can only pay through our website

Q: What are the payment options?

A: We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and Apple Pay


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