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"Finally I have my own photo shoot booth! I should got this set long ago when I started selling my unwanted items online and through phone app. With this bright and changeable background sheets, I could have a clear and customize background easily to edit. The items look much vivid and detailed taken with this booth, and save me some time to retouch the photos. And the items sold quicker than they used to be. Great for small and elegant objects, show well for the color and details."


MustGreen  ✅  Verified Review

Discover the secret to perfect, high converting product photos without breaking the bank

Whether we're selling our old used stuff or launching our very own handmade products on the internet, we need clean, pristine photos to showcase our design - or they just won't sell! Regular smartphones in the market do have some of the most advanced camera technology and have the ability to produce world-class photos, but even high-end photographers can't produce magnificent, high-converting images without this one key element: lighting.

Equipped with an easy-to-clean white background and 360° lighting, the LightboxPro is the ultimate life-hack: bring your product to life with perfect studio-quality product photos at home or on the go with nothing more than your smartphone.



Reasons Why LightboxPro Will Change Your Life


LightboxPro is equipped with 5000K LED bulbs, the perfect temperature lighting to show off your product in the most flattering way. What's more, the light box has been engineered with 360° lighting to prevent any rogue shadows from forming. 


Engineered with a frictionless foldable design, take your light box on the go, whether you're at work, at home, or at a park.

We've also opted to employ micro-USB as its primary power port, so that it can be powered from literally anywhere, whether you're 10,000 miles high in an airplane or 10,000 miles deep in a submarine, using a portable charger. 


The LightboxPro utilizes expertly designed hinges, so that it can be collapsed and expanded on command - no tools or expertise required. 


Choose from four beautiful and crisp EVA backgrounds and a black velvet black background for when a touch of textured luxury in your set is required.


Help your customers visualize your products in their life using multiple product angles: LightboxPro has two ideally positioned locations from which you can photograph your product in an infinite number of angles without having to reposition your product every time.  



We all know that without perfectly crisp product photography, no matter how great our product is, it just won't sell. Many of us have to wait for the perfect time of day hoping we can capture our product in the perfect lighting, shine an array of lamps to eradicate rogue shadows, and tinker with complicated photo editors just to produce even more substandard photos.  

Instead, rely on LightboxPro, a perfectly packaged all-in-one studio providing you with all the necessary conditions to produce studio-quality, high-converting imagery to give your prospective customers the ability to imagine your product in their life and visualize how your product feels in their hands. Never let bad product imagery be the reason you don't get that sale again. 

So what are you waiting for?





If, in the unlikely scenario, you don't absolutely love your new LightboxPro, we'll do whatever it takes to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your product

We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee that only begins when you receive the product.