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Kitchen Master Pro

Cut time and increase productivity with the Kitchen Master Pro

Easily slice up fruits & vegetables with a single press and collect them in a basket without mess. Slice, grind & chop with your new ultimate tool, without worrying about nicking your hands or wasting excessive time. Say goodbye to your outdated cutting board & hello to the Kitchen Master Pro.  

Become a master chef without putting your finger tips at risk, cutting up all your veggies with a single movement. Each piece of vegetable is uniformly sliced, beautifully ground, or exquisitely diced to perfection with a single device. All your slicing and dicing needs are met with the included attachments. Make meal prep a breeze and shred cooking time by hours. 

PERFECT PREPARATION: easily slice, dice, and grind up all your veggies into the perfect shape with a single swift movement

✔️ PREVENT ANNOYING NICKS: save your fingertips from undue cuts and nicks by keeping your hands far away from a sharp knife's blade 

✔️ SAVE TIME AND ENERGY: gone are the days where you have to build an extensive knife cutting skill-set to cut a bunch of vegetables. Get an entire vegetable done and dusted in mere seconds with a swift single downward motion

✔️ EASY TO CLEAN: simply rinse the Kitchen Master Pro under some water and its ready to go again

✔️  Anti-skid handle

✔️  Anti-skid rubber pad

✔️  Drip basket

✔️  Food-safe stainless steel blades

How do I use this?

  1. Attach the appropriate blade for the vegetable you want to cut
  2. Seal the cutting top onto its base
  3. Slice away! It's that simple


Is the device safe?

Absolutely. Each piece is made of food-grade, hypoallergenic, and durable materials

What if I lose an attachment? 

You can email us at and we'll send over additional parts

Do you accept cash on delivery?

No. You can only pay through our website

What are the payment options?

We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and Apple Pay

Our Guarantee 

✔️  Tracking number for every order

✔️  Safe payments via Stripe®

✔️  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

✔️  No hidden fees!

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