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Garden Kneeler Pro

"This item has been a real life saver for me - with a back ailment, it is near impossible to get down on my knees to do certain things without having the necessary support I need for getting back up on my feet - this item has been a real help - if you or anyone you know needs help rising back to their feet after dropping down to their knees to do anything - this little garden bench is your answer - you will love it!"


- Kay M. ✅  Verified Customer

Most people experience back and knee pain while gardening. We have a solution.

Many of us find gardening extremely relaxing and enjoyable. We're surrounded by nature: birds, trees, beautiful smelling flowers. 

But we're constantly bent over and often on our knees.

Unfortunately over time, it becomes impossible to relax and truly focus on our gardening experience. Worse yet, it can cause excruciating back and knee pain, ruining our me-time. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone invented a piece of equipment that made it feel like we're kneeling on a cloud?

You're in luck.

Introducing Garden Kneeler Pro, a portable, versatile, joint-saving piece of equipment every gardening aficionado needs

Reasons why Garden Kneeler Pro will change your life

✅  A truly pain-free experience

Planting your favorite rose bed is a relaxing, anxiety-reducing experience, but it comes with a cost. 

You're sitting on your knees, hunched over, contorting yourself at every angle imaginable.

Every gardener knows the pain. 

The Garden Kneeler Pro allows you to achieve maximum comfort, no matter how low your garden is or how long you choose to garden for. 

Not only are your knees protected at all times with ultra-thick and comfortable padding, but the knee stool is engineered at a precise height, helping to ease unwanted back pain.

✅  Multifunctional & portable

Need a break? No problem. 

Effortlessly adjust the Garden Kneeler Pro into a seat to take a quick water break before getting started on your next batch of seeds.

What's more, the Garden Kneeler Pro is expertly designed with lightweight materials, so it can be stored and transferred without hassle

✅  Like a toolbox, for gardeners

It's common to drop your seed pouch in soil or lose your shears in a tomato bush, significantly reducing your workflow.

With the Garden Kneeler Pro, you'll never have to worry about disorganization again

We've included an array of pouches, which are attached to the side of the device for easy access without your tools getting in your way. 

What's more, the pouches are made of heavy-duty canvas so even your sharpest tools couldn't pierce holes in the material for years to come. 

For most of us, we spend much of the year awaiting gardening season. Eager to take advantage of the warm weather, invigorating Vitamin D, and peaceful me-time. 

But the pain from being constantly hunched over and on our knees can truly ruin our experience, often times lasting the entire day and even destroying our peaceful sleep. 

Garden Kneeler Pro was designed with you in mind. To allow you to keep doing what you love without lingering pain and discomfort.

So what are you waiting for? 

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30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If, in the unlikely scenario, you don't absolutely love your new Garden Kneeler Pro, we'll do whatever it takes to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your product

We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee that only begins when you receive the product. 


Is it easy to assemble? 

Yes! The Garden Kneeler Pro comes ready to go right out the box.

How much weight can it support? 

It can support up to 300 lbs / 136 Kg.

Can I stand up without help? 

Yes, the Garden Kneeler Pro has sturdy handles that you can push against to get into and get out of the kneeling position.