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JellyGlow Relaxing Night Light

"...I bought it for my first university dormitory as a desk decoration and night light, and it filled both roles beautifully! The slow change of colors is soothing and visually appealing. I find myself watching the graceful movement of the jellyfish quite frequently. It is good for stress relief during exams or times of heavy homework. It casts a decent amount of light that allows me to see around the room, but does not keep me awake."


Aeris N. Carter  ✅  Verified Review


7 in 10 people find it difficult to sleep. We have a solution.

Many of us find it difficult to sleep at night because we experience so much stress and anxiety in our daily lives. We do everything we can to try and turn off our brain, like meditation and reading books, but as soon as we're finally ready to sleep, our brains seemingly flick a switch and we're back to square one

With the JellyGlow Relaxing Night Light, illuminate your room and lighten the load on your brain with the most gloriously relaxing night light ever. Its mesmerizing moving jellyfish change colors and imitate the motions of the sea, creating the most calming and relaxing experience for people of all ages.  



Reasons Why JellyGlow Relaxing Night Light Will Change Your Life


If you love jellyfish, you're in luck, because our night light contains the most realistic jellyfish, which actually float and move just as they do in the ocean. It's almost like you have your own jellyfish as a pet without having to worry about a sting!


The calming color-changing jellyfish creates a serene atmosphere, instantly lifting the mood in any room, whether you're at the office or in bed. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety while you fall deeper and deeper into tranquility. 


Those of us with special needs, like ADHD, autism and dementia, find our night light calming and soothing because it gives us something calming to focus on rather than allowing stray thoughts to clutter our mind and remain hyperactive before bedtime.  


Give that special someone a present they'll never forget, and transform even the dullest of their nights into the most wonderful aquarium. Show that special someone how much you love them by providing them with the most peaceful and wonderful bedtime experience. Oh, and it's safe for kids, too. 


After a hard day of work or school, we get into bed and attempt to sleep, but all we can think of is that huge assignment we still have to complete or that exam coming up in a couple of days. Our mind is racing with what ifs and self doubt, so we try everything, like meditating and reading a book, but we just can't block out the world from our mind. 

The JellyGlow Relaxing Night Light is different because, not only is it a mesmerizing experience that you're naturally drawn to, but it also mimics a dynamic focus point commonly used in advanced dynamic meditation that helps you dive into the most incredibly mellow trance. Never suffer with the inability to clear your mind before bed again and achieve the most optimal sleeping conditions instead. 

So what are you waiting for?




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